1. QUALITY OF CONSTRUCTION: The same construction materials are available to any builder but how those materials are put together is what makes the difference in a Jeffery home.
  2. ATTENTION TO DETAIL: It's the little things we do that make a difference. For example, its how the insulation batts are cut to fit that gives true insulation value from the product. It's what you can't see behind the walls that makes a huge difference in the heating costs of your home. Just one of many small details that we adhere to here at JEFFERY HOMES.
  3. A COMPANY TEAM YOU CAN TRUST: From our experienced sales staff, office staff, after-sales service team, and site supervisory team; our group is hand picked for their expertise and exemplary character in the work place.
  4. RE-SALE VALUE: The solid reputation of a JEFFERY built home is often noted in re-sale marketing ads, thus signifying our homes are recognized as a premium product by real estate professionals.
  5. JEFFERY HOMES IS YOUR LOCAL HOMETOWN BUILDER: The Jeffery family name has been part of Durham Region for over 50 years. We are very proud of the communities we build and take a personal interest in each and every home.
  6. COUNT ON YOUR CLOSING DATE: Feel confident to make your moving plans based on the closing date we give you. We do everything possible to have your house completed on time, right down to the last screen on the windows. We've never missed one yet and do not define after sales service as "finishing your home after you move in".
  1. SEMI-CUSTOM HOME BUILDER: We view ourselves as builders of custom homes in a subdivision setting. Our talented in-house interior decorators will guide you in personalizing your new home and customizing it to meet your needs and desires.
  2. AN OUTSTANDING TRADES PEOPLE AND SUPPLIER TEAM: Many of our trades people have been with the company for 20 or more years - some since the inception of our company over 50 years ago. These craftsmen adhere to the high standards expected at JEFFERY HOMES and in many cases have been instrumental in setting them. We're not perfect but it's not from lack of trying.
  3. REPEAT CUSTOMERS: We've had the pleasure of building homes for many purchasers on up to three occasions. Our valued repeat clients are a testament to the high level of customer satisfaction you will experience from JEFFERY HOMES. Parents recommend their sons and daughters buy from us when they are ready to enter the home buying market. Proof that word of mouth advertising is the best kind!
  4. ULTRA ENERGY-EFFICIENT HOME: We build our homes to perform at the ENERGY STAR® qualified level, a standard that is often 25%-30% better than a standard code built house. This means savings to you as a homeowner on your utility bills and an unprecedented level of living comfort for years to come.

    COMMUNITIES WITH GREAT CURB APPEAL: We have always taken great pride in our attractive exteriors and colour packages - continually monitoring and updating them to be on the industry's leading edge. Our own in-house architectural control results in unique streetscapes found only in a JEFFERY HOMES community.